Why We’re Joining the United Nations Global Compact
Dec 14, 2020
In its first full quarter, Maxeon Solar Technologies becomes a signatory to the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Jeff Waters, Chief Executive Officer At Maxeon Solar Technologies, our highly advanced solar products are powering the fight against climate change in more than 100
Solar Mini-Grids Empower Rural Villages in Myanmar
Oct 15, 2020
With the crank of a wrench and a puff of black smoke from his diesel-fueled generator, U Htike Tan Thu would bring the village of Kan Byin in Myanmar to life each evening. For just a few short hours, his community counted on him to deliver much-needed electricity to light their homes, cook their
More Sustainable by Design
Sep 15, 2020
Inside Solar’s Only Landfill-Free Panel Factory Even solar panels create waste during their manufacturing process. Where and how that waste is directed can tell you a lot about the manufacturer. After all, this decision affects how efficiently our society uses the materials it extracts.
Connecting Communities in a Global Health Crisis
Aug 19, 2020
Loon delivers 4G communications to rural populations in Kenya The need for communication is never more critical than in a global health crisis. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep millions of people apart, an innovative technology will soon bring information, resources and communication
Light for the World: Tiny solar lanterns bring hope and light to millions
Jul 21, 2020
For 1.3 billion people around the world, reliable electricity is a luxury. Kerosene lamps are the main source of light for a household, but kerosene fumes are harmful to inhale and especially toxic for women and children.  Nokero Solar  has a solution that is already improving millions of lives in
Designing Sustainability Powerhouses
Jun 23, 2020
Global greenhouse gas emissions set a new record in 2019 for the third consecutive year. 1  A new movement in building design, incorporating energy-positive principles and on-site solar energy, seeks to help reverse that trend. Buildings account for one-third of global energy consumption and a
Good News for the Earth
May 19, 2020
Striving for Panels as Clean as the Energy they Produce SunPower solar panels installed on homes, businesses and in power plants have to date generated enough clean energy to offset the equivalent carbon emissions of approximately 14 million cars driven for a year.
Quenching the Thirst for a Better Life
Dec 30, 2019
Water Mission Saves Lives with Clean Water and Sunshine What would you do if tens of thousands of people turned to you for help? What if their lives depended on you, right now? And what if the decisions you made today would affect their families and communities for decades to come?
Racing Toward A Healthier Planet
Sep 23, 2019
Phil Sharp: The Clean Energy Captain of OceansLab Sets New Limits Suddenly, a 70 kph blast of wind fills her sails. You try to steady yourself as the race boat  OceansLab  carries you across steep Atlantic swells at a breathtaking pace. Her bow rises and falls, punching back at the unforgiving sea.