The trademarks held by Maxeon Solar Technologies are important and valuable assets.

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As of December 29, 2019, Maxeon Solar Technologies licensed from SunPower Corporation 314 patents and 137 pending patent applications in the United States. Maxeon Solar Technologies holds 581 patents and 456 pending patent applications in jurisdictions other than the United States.

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The Maxeon Solar Technologies privacy policy covers how we collect, use, and share personal information about you and explains how you can contact us and exercise your legal rights.

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For warranty and customer service information for customers outside of the United States of America, please click here for more information or contact us.

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Our products contains Open Source software, developed by third parties and licensed using vehicles including GPL and/or LGPL. For more details, a list of Open Source software used and the related license texts, please refer to the Licenses section on our SunPower One app and Maxeon website.

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