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Renewable Energy for Sustainable Tourism

Maxeon Lights Up Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park with Solar Energy, Promoting Environmentally Responsible Tourism.

Shut your eyes and allow yourself to journey to a remote corner of the world where the grandeur of nature emerges in its full splendor. Imagine the canyons unfolding before you, vast and precipitous, like wrinkles etched by the passage of time into the Earth's skin. This is Barrancas del Cobre, known as Copper Canyon in English, a place that challenges the boundaries of the imagination with its majestic and unrivaled beauty. From the heights, canyons unfold like geological scars, a silent reminder of the Earth's history.

Within this breathtaking landscape, resilient communities thrive, having intertwined their lives in harmony with nature. Indigenous villages are nestled into the hillsides, the houses existing as natural extensions of the land itself. Here, the melodies of the wind dancing through the reeds merge with birdsong to play a symphony that has endured for centuries.

In this magical corner of Earth, we’ve woven Maxeon Solar Technologies' commitment to sustainability into the very fabric of the region. At Copper Canyon Adventure Park, an oasis of exhilaration and beauty, our endeavors align with the natural wonder. Here, solar energy rises like a beam of hope, breathing life into the facilities and igniting a passion for sustainable tourism. This alliance with nature not only enriches our lives, but also protects the legacy of Copper Canyon for generations to come.

Renewable Energy for Sustainable Tourism

Promoting Sustainable Tourism with Renewable Energy

According to Marisol Morales Aragón, the Director of Copper Canyon Adventure Park, the addition of Maxeon solar (PV) panels in Mexico has played a pivotal role in establishing a model for clean energy consumption. This initiative is instrumental in diminishing our carbon footprint as we transition toward the extensive adoption of solar energy.

" This approach has enabled the involvement of local communities in accessing and benefiting from solar energy, working to reduce inequalities and promote inclusion. "

The project has not been without technical challenges, since the PV installation site is located on top of the restaurant building, making it one of the tallest installations in Mexico. Despite the low temperatures during installation, which dropped to -5°C (23°F), the project was successfully completed.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism with Renewable Energy

Ultimately, these newly installed solar panels at Copper Canyon Adventure Park is a clear example of how choosing sustainable tourism destinations like this one can contribute to reducing our environmental impact, supporting local communities, and having a meaningful impact in the world.

We at Maxeon Solar Technologies are proud of our presence in Mexico, having two manufacturing plants located within the country. We are committed to constantly driving sustainable design and responsible manufacturing.

Clean Energy for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives

As a result of our combined efforts, Copper Canyon Adventure Park received recognition by earning the Award for Social and Sustainable Tourism in Ibero-America and through inclusion in Mexico's list of 100 Must-See Places. These two accolades are testimony to a commitment to sustainability and to a respect for nature.

We want everyone to be part of this inspiring story. Embracing sustainable tourism and the use of solar energy into our daily lives not only benefits the environment, but also contributes to the development of thriving communities and the well-being of all.

Together, we can build the future we want to see, where humans and nature can coexist in harmony.