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How Maxeon earns the trust of more solar customers every day

This blog is authored by Vikas Desai, SVP and General Manager at Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd.

The global trend toward clean, renewable energy is undeniable - with more individuals, businesses, and organizations realizing the cost savings as well as the ability to address climate change. Demand for solar power has seen a resulting surge. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said recently that solar installations will account for “almost all growth” in U.S. power generation in 2024-2025. And analysts expect the global solar energy systems market to be valued at over $373 billion by 2029.    
The technology is impressive, generating highly efficient clean energy that performs reliably for decades. But transitioning to solar energy is an investment, and this requires trust in the technology as well as how the system is installed. Recent reports of poor business practices from a few bad actors involved in how solar is sold and installed to homeowners have caused some to question the reputation of the entire solar industry. And it appears some new entrants now manufacturing solar panels are using lower quality components, leading to issues with their system performance.
Fortunately, there are companies like Maxeon that care deeply about delivering the best solar customer experience. Our reputation is of the highest standards for innovation, quality, long-term value, and integrity. We stand out not only as the global leader in solar technology, but our brand is also synonymous with the highest levels of responsible and sustainable operations and products.
Maxeon is "Powering Positive Change" by designing and manufacturing top-tier solutions that cater to all energy needs, with solar panels that boast the highest efficiency of any commercially available product. We hold ourselves to a higher standard not only in providing leading products, but across all aspects of our business. This includes creating a trusted ecosystem of dealers and installers that want to offer the best solar products and who provide exceptional customer service with quality and integrity.
We choose to work with community-based dealers and installers. Our focus is on integrated partners who manage their own marketing, sales, and installations. We carefully select partners in each region, and although our partner agreements are not exclusive, they are built on long-term, trust-based, and performance-based relationships. So, homeowners can be confident that when they choose Maxeon solutions, the dealers and installers who sell and install their system are highly professional, do the job right, and will be there after the project is complete to provide support.
In return, Maxeon empowers our preferred partners to offer their end-customers tremendous energy savings and peace of mind with Maxeon's industry-leading warranty. Our partners can convert their satisfied customers into more referrals by providing the most reliable, long-lasting solar panel on the market. And Maxeon’s unique product offering enables our partners to maximize their profitability.
The residential solar market is undergoing significant change, leading some industry players to focus on short-term sales rather than providing long-term value. At Maxeon, we choose a different path. We provide superior products that make our world a better place to live. And we choose to do business with dealers and installers who demonstrate respect for homeowners and their homes. Together, we are transforming the way power is produced and ensuring that it contributes positively to our world.
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