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Energy Efficiency in Supermarkets with Advanced Solar Technology

Solar energy brings predictability in costs, reducing fluctuations in the energy market. What's more, during power outages, it provides a reliable power source. The installation at Supermercado La Fuente FUN has been a flagship project in the adoption of large-scale solar energy in the Dominican Republic. Completed by Maxeon Solar Technologies in collaboration with its partner Rensa, this initiative has marked a milestone in the use of renewable energies in the commercial sector. 

The project involved the installation of 2,380 Performance solar panels, covering a significant extension of both the supermarket roof and the parking lot, where an innovative solar carport system was implemented, with the dual benefit of improving the customer experience by providing shade and coolness for the parking lot and at the same time, generating clean energy.

Performance and Commitment to Solar Energy

As installer partner, Rensa said it has seen "firsthand" how Maxeon’s technology brings exceptional value to businesses.

"Its efficiency and reliability are unmatched, ensuring a quick and substantial return on investment. With Maxeon Performance panels, we are not only improving energy efficiency, but also making a smart and profitable investment for the future of the business."

In terms of power, the system reaches an impressive capacity of 999.6 KWP, making it one of the largest projects of its kind in the region. With a forecasted annual production of 1,383,501.83 kWh, the supermarket now covers approximately 93% of its energy consumption with solar energy, which represents a significant contribution to its self-sufficiency and sustainability.  

Project development has been extended from March 4, 2022 to May 30, 2023, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to effective planning and execution. This joint effort not only reflects the technical capability and environmental commitment of Maxeon Solar Technologies and Rensa, but also sets a precedent for future solar power installations on other islands in the region and beyond.


Impact and Results: More Than Financial Savings

In five months, the investment proved its value with savings of RD$ 6,040,850.65 (USD 102,095). But the benefits have gone beyond the financial: The supermarket has achieved operational predictability, especially in the face of power outages, a common challenge in the region.  

The most notable impact has been on the community with an increase in the number of customers who value the supermarket's commitment to the environment. This shift reflects a broader movement towards sustainable practices, with customers actively opting for responsible business.

Sustainability in Everyday Life: A Simple and Powerful Choice

The process of integrating solar technology into the existing infrastructure has been a skillfully managed challenge. Daily operations have continued without significant interruptions, a testament to their flawless planning and execution.  

Leading with the largest solar carport in the Dominican Republic has not just been a technical achievement for La Fuente FUN but is also a statement of its values and long-term vision. This step forward in sustainability has not only improved its relationship with suppliers and partners but has set a standard for the industry too.  

Supermarkets are an essential part of everyday life, and choosing one that is committed to sustainability, such as Supermercado La Fuente FUN, becomes one of those simple but impactful daily decisions that help ensure a greener tomorrow.  

The message is clear: The sun is a powerful, sustainable and transformative source of energy. And we’re all invited to join in this solar revolution.