This thin. This powerful.

50% lighter system1, 50% more power per area2,
zero aluminium, glass, racking, anchors or ballast!

Launching Maxeon Air Panel

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Opening New Markets

Opening New Markets

Buildings are responsible for 28% of global emissions, yet far too many commercial rooftops remain empty. Conventional solar can be too heavy or complex for many industrial structures.

That’s why we designed Maxeon Air systems, investing over five years of research, development and testing.

Lighter Systems

50% Lighter Systems

Maxeon Air systems are 50% lighter than conventional ones1 and free of aluminum framing, glass, racking, ballast or anchors.

They lighten the burden on installation too, thanks to our innovative peel-and-stick adhesive that requires no rooftop membrane penetrations, and minimises business disruption for customers.

More powerful

50% More Powerful Systems

A rooftop layer of Maxeon Air solar panels generates 50% more power than conventional solar, thanks to 20.9% panel efficiency and a tight 0.9 rooftop coverage ratio.

Not bad for a system that, at just 4mm, is thinner than a pencil.

Proven platform

A Proven Platform

Maxeon Air panels are a radical change, with proven Maxeon technology at its core.

Commercial customers can be confident that the same cell technology in Maxeon Air solar panels currently powers more than 600,000 homes, businesses and solar power plants around the world.

Lab and Field Tested

Lab and Field Tested

And with more than 3.5 billion cells deployed on 7 continents, Maxeon solar cells have been rigorously tested in labs and proven in the field.

Its yield in partial shade and high temperatures is unrivaled, and they provide the highest efficiency and reliability in silicon solar2.

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